Over-the-shoulder shot


Over-the-shoulder shot


Close up shot


Extremely long shot


Medium shot






PRODUCER: Emmanuel Akaemeh.


DIRECTOR: Emmanuel Akemeh.


SREEN PLAY/ STORY BY: Obinna Blaise Orji.


MAIN CAST: Seun Akindele, Moyo Lawal, Ujams Cbriel, Jennifer Utulu.


LOCATION(S): Nigeria.


DURATION: 1hour 20 minutes.










William after losing his mother suddenly, tries against all odds to find his mother’s killer and get revenge. In his journey for revenge for his mother’s death, he puts all his trust in their family lawyer who has been closer to him than his own kin. He confides in his family lawyer and thinks she is a trusted family friend but realizes that she is not who he thought she was and his life is now dependent on the mercies of his least suspected killer.




In the movie “The Kins”, there was use of different elements that made up the visual image that is what you see on the screen. But some notable and prominent elements are as follows.


  • Extremely Long Shot (ELS Or XLS): This shot gives the widest view of images and does not pay attention to a particular subject. It is used to give the audience a general view of the environment of where the action is taking place. In some movies it is used to show a change of the setting.





  • Medium Shot (MS): In this shot, the camera is closer to the subject but not too close. It captures from the waist upwards. The director uses this shot when he or she wants to place emphasis on the subject.





  • Close Up Shot (CU): This shot brings the camera much closer to the subject than the MS. This shot captures the subject from the neck upwards. It is used to show the audience a character’s facial expression and reaction to an action that took place in the movie which the director wants them to be mindful of. This shot was used a lot of times in the movie “The Kin”.



  •   Over the Shoulder (OS): In this shot, the camera is placed slightly at the back of one character to show the face of another. This shot is taken when the characters are facing each other or during a conversation. This shot was made use of a lot in the movie “The Kin”.




These were the main camera shots taken in the movie.




In the movie “The Kins” written by Obinna Blaise Orji, it tells the story of a young man who lost his mother but believes that his mother was killed. He is bent on finding out who the killer is and bringing whoever is responsible to justice.


“The Kins” has a great and compelling story line and is a suspense-filled movie which makes the audience and viewers want to watch to the very end. The audience is not really sure of what is happening until the end of the movie which is a good tactic to keeping viewers. However, the movie was poorly executed by the actors because most of the actors were inexperienced and new. And for a movie with such an amazing story line, having good and experienced actors would have complimented the movie and made it exciting to watch.


Also in the movie there were a lot of grammatical errors in speech. The characters made a lot of errors in their speech and spoke like they didn’t know their lines. It seemed that the actors read their lines the same day and were told to act the scenes, they seemed very unprepared. The actors are meant to memorize and know their lines so they don’t make mistakes, even though humans are bound to make mistakes the director is meant to make the actors re-do their parts until they know them but it appeared that they just settled for whatever happened and didn’t put enough effort to make the movie void of mistakes.


Also in the movie there were some settings that were not properly set up, like for instance the doctor’s office in the movie was looking poorly set up. To make a movie look more realistic and appealing to the audience and viewers the settings and scenery has to be well set up so the audience can relate and have a connection with the characters in the movie.


In conclusion, irrespective of all the errors and faults found in the movie, the movie was generally okay but if the blunders had been corrected and the director had made use of seasoned actors in the movie that would put life and emotion to the story, the movie would have been a big hit.