Title: Two Brides and a Baby

Producer: Blessing Effiom Egbe

Director: Teco Benson

Screen Play: Blessing Effiom Egbe

Main cast: OC Ukeje, Keira Hewatch, Stella Damascus, Okey Uzoeshi, Chelsea Eze, Kalu Ikeagwu, Blessing Effiom.

Location: Lagos State, Nigeria.

Production Company: B Concept network

Language: English

Duration: 1 hour 39 minutes

Date of release: November 17, 2011

Genre: Romance, Comedy

Movie Rating: 8/10.

Reviewer: Anene Ifeoma Ashley 14BE016556

Synopsis: Ketche (Keira Haywatch) and kole (OC Ukeje) had planned their perfect wedding ceremony and all things were in order until an unexpected visitor, Ama (Stella Damascus) shows up at the wedding rehearsal leading to different dramatic events. Ama is Kole`s ex-girlfriend.

Elements of Production:

Camera Shots and Movement

Camera shots used here were: close up shot

           Extreme close up shot

           Medium shot

           Long shot

Looking at the movement, a crane was used at the beginning of the movie. The crane is used for vertical movement. It was also used in other parts of the movie.  

Camera speed

Normal motion


Transitions used here were: cut, fade in and fade out.


The lighting of the movie was good. There was no scene where the lighting was too much or too little.


Generally, the movie was nice. Blessing Effiom did a good job. Ama’s sudden appearance was unexpected. Her relationship with Kole did not end well so she thought she could get him back even after telling him he was the father of her child. Despite all her games, Ketche and Kole still ended up together.  In the movie, there are two other couples: Ene and Deji who are married then Ugo and Maye who have been engaged for three years. These couples are directly involved with Kole and Ketche.

The audio quality of the movie was good as we could clearly hear what was been said by the actors. Looking at what the movie was about, the plot was well organized as the events took place in a few days. The sound tracks used at various points in the movie were appropriate as they were in line with the various moods in different scenes. I particularly like Ketche’s character which was played by Keira Hewatch. Her display of emotions was good considering the role she played. She is Kole’s bride to be.

Some of the scenes were unrealistic. How can someone be eavesdropping within sight and not be seen? This happened at the beginning when Keche was seen listening to the conversation between Ama and Omo.

The use of flashback in the movie could confuse viewers who are not familiar with the technique.

Looking at the part where Ama drugged Kole and a picture was taken, we never saw how the picture came about. In that scene, only three people were present: Ama, Kole and the child. The angle from which the picture was taken made me wonder how it was taken.

If after all the havoc caused by Ama, she was uninvited to the wedding and still showed up; indeed the movie is different from a regular Nollywood movie. This is because there was no violent reaction from either Ketche or Kole.


I would say that this movie turned out to be better than what I expected. Ketche and Kole eventually got married proving wrong anyone who thought they would not. They were able to fight for what they had.  ‘But if you say that this is all there is to it, I guess i could give you the benefit of doubt’- Ketche.