Genre: Drama

Location: Lagos

Date of release: March 2015

Duration: 1hr 36mins 26secs

Director: Dickson Iroegbu

Screenplay: Emmanuel Anikwe

                       Reginald Ebere

Producer: Alex Odun

Main cast: kennenth okonkwo

                    Monalisa Chinda

Continuity: Austin comedy Ojinaka

Camera shot: The shots mainly used in this movie were close up shots and long shots.

Close up shot:




Long shots:



Camera angle: low angle and high angle

Camera movement: pan left and right



This movie is very interesting, you can imagine what happens when a husband decides to cheat on his faithful wife and frustrate her out of the marriage. Will she be patient and make things work for the sake of their kid or will she get frustrated and file a divorce?


Can all women forgive their cheating husbands and make their marriages work? The “Unfaithful Husband” is a good movie that tests the patience of a faithful wife. I like this movie mainly because of the wife Monalisa Chinda “Mirabel”, the way she handled the issue of her unfaithful husband and I also liked the acting, it was well played.

But on the other hand, I think the husband kennenth okonkwo “Charles” was going overboard, he says he loves her but it does not really seem like. And I also would critic Monalisa’s too calm attitude I think she should have taken drastic steps to bring her husband to his right state of mind.


The movie is very interesting and I would recommend it to Nigerian movie lovers.

Favorite quote:

The attitude to disunity in a home is tolerance _Cynthia Amadi.